Erlang documentation

Daniel Solaz dsolaz@REDACTED
Sat Jul 10 18:31:11 CEST 1999

Torbjorn Tornkvist wrote:
>Sounds great !
Sure it does.
However, I will have to fight both the NIH and HIN syndromes:
NIH ("Not Invented Here"), that is, they'll say: never heard of Erlang,
we cannot trust Mnesia, this is too different from C and C++, none of my
fellows do (or seem to know about) FP...
HIN ("Habit Inhibiting Novelty"), that is, they'll say: let's use an SQL
Server (or Oracle) DBMS, Apache HTTPd (yes, even on NT) with PHP3, code
in C or C++, whether that suits our needs or not is something to be
solved in the future...
The very same reasons already invoked to make me code whole concurrent
network servers in pure C even though I would have done a better and
faster job in Modula-3.

>Then it could be of interest for you to have a look at:
I certainly will, thanks.


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