new stack backtrace

Martin Bjorklund mbj@REDACTED
Tue Dec 14 11:28:18 CET 1999

Robert Virding <rv@REDACTED> wrote:

> Easy.  Seeing the call to config_file:parse_string/1 is the LAST CALL in 
> ibgetconfig/1 which is the LAST CALL in bgetconfig/2 then the last call 
> optimisation removes all traces of bgetconfig/2 and ibgetconfig/1.

So this is waht happens:

the call to bt_cmd:bgetconfig is pushed onto the stack
since bgetconfig is tail-recursive, bgetconfig is popped, and
  ibgetconfig is pushed.
since ibgetconfig is tail-recursive, ibgetconfig is popped, but
  before config_file:parse_string is pushed, the error handler is
  invoked because config_file doesn't exist.


Maybe the check for config_file:parse_string/1 could be done before
ibgetconfig is popped.


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