2 Mibs

2.1  Structure

The OTP mibs are stored in the $OTP_ROOT/lib/otp_mibs/mibs/ directory. They are defined in SNMPv2 SMI syntax. An SNMPv1 version of the mib is delivered in the mibs/v1 directory. The compiled MIB is located under priv/mibs, and the generated .hrl file under the include directory. To compile a MIB that IMPORTS a MIB in the OTP_Mibs application, give the option {il, ["otp_mibs/priv/mibs"]} to the MIB compiler.

2.2  OTP-MIB

The OTP-MIB mib represents information about Erlang nodes such as node name, number of running processes, virtual machine version etc. If the MIB should be used in a system, it should be loaded into an SNMP agent by using the API function otp_mib:load/1.

2.3  OTP-REG

The OTP-REG mib defines the unique OTP subtree of object identifiers under the Ericsson subtree. Under the OTP subtree several object identifiers are defined. This module is typically included by OTP applications defining their own mibs, or ASN.1 modules in general, that require unique object identifiers under the OTP subtree.

2.4  OTP-TC

The OTP-TC mib provides the textual convention datatype OwnerString.