LaTeX server in Erlang?

Lloyd R. Prentice lloyd@REDACTED
Thu Feb 10 06:20:36 CET 2022


I’m hoping for conceptual guidance.  Turns out that LaTeX has a markdown package. This inspires me to write a LaTeX server. But I my Erlang skills aren’t yet up to it:

1. User passes markdown file to the server over the web
2. Erlang calls os:cmd(“latexmk -lualatex —shell-escape blabla.tex”) 
3. lualatex generates PDF 
4. Server returns PDF to user

My vague understanding is that the server would provide a form that requests a file upload, then provide a location where the user can download the PDF.

But I’d like go one step further: How might the user/server link be automated given that the “user” is another process or node in a cluster?

I’d much appreciate ideas or pointers to references that can help dispel my mental fog.

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