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I need to (ab)use the including of header files in order to define a 
fixed set of (accessor-like) functions that shall be available from 
within a group of modules, so that these functions can be used in such 
modules directly (locally, i.e. without adding any module prefix when 
calling them from these modules).

The code works great but I would like the @doc documentation of these 
functions to appear in the generated API and, more importantly, through 
the Erlang Language Server [https://erlang-ls.github.io/], which would 
be very useful when editing these modules.

edoc detects these functions and generates HTML entries for them (iff 
adding the {preprocess, true} option), but I never managed to have their 
@doc comments show up there; and the LS server does not seem to take 
them into account either.

Following minimal test with OTP 24 was done:

* in mytest.erl:

%% @doc Simple test.

-export([f/0, foobar/0]).


%% @doc Doc for f.
f() ->

* in mytest.hrl:

%% @doc Doc for foobar.
foobar() ->

* command line to generate HTML: erl -noshell -run edoc_run file 
'"mytest.erl"' '[{dir,"."},{preprocess, true}]'

No amount of: %% @headerfile "mytest.hrl" seems to be of help either: 
that header file is parsed, foobar/0 is listed in the HTML but its @doc 
is lacking.

Is there a way to have at least the LS server be aware of these @doc tags?

Thanks in advance for any hint!

Best regards,


Olivier Boudeville

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