Support for non-unique process labels?

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Thu May 13 14:36:03 CEST 2021

> On 10. May 2021, at 21:27, Fred Hebert <mononcqc@REDACTED> wrote:
> Here's the thing: I would provide full time support for Rebar3 and would actively work to merge it into OTP if I were paid full time to do it. I'm not. I get to spend 40 hours a week working on other stuff (Erlang isn't my day-job anymore, I'm SRE now), and would love to spend time on some hobby projects that don't involve debugging some company's builds. I can't say what is needed for the rest, but I can say that from my perspective, as one of the person who maintains significant chunks of tooling, funding/employment as a problem is absolutely real, and even the EEF doesn't necessarily get enough funding in a year to pay full salary I (or another maintainer) would get elsewhere at market rates.

Of course large companies could also make largish donations to EEF or at the least more companies sponsor us at the going rate.  Of course also more members choosing a paid tier will make a difference and make sure the balance between sponsors and the larger community is held.  We are currently ramping up stipends for projects but currently we are limited to small to medium size focussed projects to not spend all the budget just on one project.

Unfortunately EEF was not existing yet when the founder of  WhatsApp donated a million to FreeBSD foundation <>

Anyone know someone who got rich with Erlang with a loose million … please send them our way ;-)

I was working on making some these projects happen and we are building the infrastructure to allow a bounty like system.  But all in all probably larger projects would be better use of the volunteers time that need to manage them.  But those require more funding input.

For the specific problem of rebar3 -> OTP or in general build tool improvement: if we can break it down into medium sized clearly described projects that can be tackled by EEF with the current budget and might get it done in about a year.

But from my experience with the past projects: preparing this involves work too.  But if anyone wants to tackle something in this are I’m happy to help with my limited volunteer time.

-- Peer 

> I can't speak to Ericsson's budget, but they're still by far the biggest investor in this community in terms of full time employees working on improving the language. I'm generally avoiding casting stones at the biggest contributor and asking them to please do more, but I understand the point you're making very well.
> I will refrain from further comments, it is clear the thread is not
> going anywhere.
> I agree there. It's not like "having a single executable" or "just make releases easier" aren't desirable or known. They're often identified, but my understanding is there aren't enough hands. 
> I say this without any ill intent, but ideas are cheap. Execution is costly.

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