Support for non-unique process labels?

Peer Stritzinger peer@REDACTED
Wed May 12 14:34:18 CEST 2021

Just remembered this one:

> On 10. May 2021, at 18:30, Peer Stritzinger <peer@REDACTED> wrote:
>> And there is no
>> difference between -0.0 and +0.0.
> I’m not aware that Erlang does mishandle -0.0 and +0.0 what do you mean?

Seems to be fixed in OTP 24 now:

OTP-17077    Application(s): compiler, erts, stdlib
               Related Id(s): ERL-1431, PR-2903, PR-2905, PR-2906

               A floating point zero (0.0) can be both positive (+0.0)
               and negative (-0.0). Multiple bugs in the compiler,
               runtime system, and STDLIB have been fixed to ensure
               that the minus sign on 0.0 is not lost.

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