Looking for a project

zxq9 zxq9@REDACTED
Wed May 12 02:10:57 CEST 2021

Hi, folks! I hate to pollute the list with this, but I'm in a jam.

If anyone is looking for an Erlanger with over a decade of experience
in Erlang about 30 years in many other languages, please let me know
or put my name in the hat if you can.

I live in Japan and that tends to mean I have to work remote (less of
an HR hurdle these days due to [unspecified virus of unknown origin]),
but I have things set up here so that I can work with any timezone
without problems.

This year has totally crushed my tiny little consultancy, with some
clients pulling out of contract agreements using the public health
situation as an excuse to not pay on delivered work knowing that
courts will not entertain a suit from overseas, and new projects that
were on my schedule being cancelled due to uncertainty. Crypto
work in infrastructure and smart contracts (mostly Ethereum/Solidity)
has been the only new thing but hasn't been regular enough to keep
us going.

While I dislike Erlang and Scheme much less than I dislike every other
language, on work projects I really don't care what language or
environment the work happens to be in. Learning languages is a lot
easier than learning frameworks, and learning frameworks is a lot
easier than learning large projects.

Thank you.


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