Fragment not locked

Stanislav Ledenev s.ledenev@REDACTED
Mon Jul 12 13:55:04 CEST 2021

Following the documentation, are you trying to reproduce example for
{hash_state, Term}?
The line "mnesia:change_table_frag(prim_dict, {add_frag, [node()]})."  can
be found only there.
Or you've somehow changed those examples for your own needs? If so please
provide a full list of your steps.

пн, 12 июл. 2021 г. в 14:36, <wojteksurowka@REDACTED>:

> > Are you calling "change_table_frag" within a transaction (i.e.
> mnesia:activity)?
> No I do not. Should I? I followed examples in documentation at
> where activity is used for other operations, but not for add_frag.
> Thanks,
> Wojtek
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