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On Mon, Jan 25, 2021 at 8:30 PM Michael P. <empro2@REDACTED> wrote:

> :-)
> How do the following fit into the "Erlang/OTP workflow"?
> What are they intended for?
> a) erlang-questions (mailing list)
Used for general questions and discussion about Erlang and OTP.

> b) github
Here is the source and here we take in contributions via pull requests.
Releases appear hear as well

> c) Atlassian Jira (
Bug reporting and feature requests which we plan to move to Github issues
in order to get a better integration with Github in general and with the
pull requests.

> d) erlang-patches (mailing list)
Not used since the start of, we plan to remove it
completely. I don't think there is any traffic here.

> e) eeps (mailing list)
Intended for discussion about EEPs, originally a limited number of members
but now open to anyone to join. We plan to move the discussion to Github
issues and pull requests here in the
repository where the EEPs are stored.

> f)

This is the OTP teams blog , hosted at github

> There are discussions in eeps and erlang-patches, but mainly in
> erlang-questions;
> there are in github and in Jira.
erlang-patches is not used for anything, should/could be removed
eeps is for discussion about EEPs but will probably be obsoleted in favour
or GH issues and PRs.
erlang-questions is for discussion about Erlang and OTP
There is also discussion about Erlang and OTP on slack, on Elixir forum etc.

> Jira seems to be the most bug-centric, but github is, with all the patch
> handling, too.
> is for reporting bugs (and suggesting features) (the plan
is to move this to GH issues soon)

> is another source of information.
The OTP teams blog

> Maybe some others, too, struggle to juggle all these.
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