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Roberto Ostinelli ostinelli@REDACTED
Wed Dec 22 20:30:53 CET 2021

May I ask why the decision wasn't to make a "beam forum" and join Elixir &
Erlang discussions in a single place? If the intent is to unify places and
concentrate resources, that could have been helpful.

I too will miss this mailing list, but at least I would have taken some
comfort in not seeing the beam community spread around, and duplication of
discussions & efforts.

My $0.02,

On Wed, Dec 22, 2021 at 6:52 PM Justin Wood <me@REDACTED> wrote:

> Hello,
> > Kenneth & co have limited time and resources,
> This is completely understandable. A given person or team only has a set
> amount of time in a day to work on things.
> > It would be interesting to see the numbers for how much money and effort
> > it takes to run a mailing list -vs- a forum.
> This is something that also interests me. If this is something that is
> truly about money and effort to run the mailing list vs the forum, would
> it be possible to do with the mailing list what has been done with the
> forum? Have someone (or a group) run it and have Kenneth and other
> members of the OTP team participate? I'm sure there are people in this
> list that would be more than happy to help maintain these mailing lists
> in some way, myself included.
> > It seems to me that the people making the decision about deprecating
> > the mailing list were honestly *convinced* that the change would be
> > better for *everyone*, because it *is* better (as an information
> > source) for *them*.
> Since the Erlang Forum has been likened to the Elixir Forum (because it
> is run by the same people), I just want to throw out there that Elixir
> maintains a core mailing list where all discussion around new features
> is supposed to take place. So maybe it doesn't make sense to completely
> remove all of Erlang's mailing lists? Why does it have to be an either
> or?
> > There is good will on all sides of this discussion.
> I agree with this statement. I believe everyone involved truly cares
> about Erlang and the overall health of the community. I don't think
> anyone is truly here just for the sake of arguing.
> Justin
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