Erlang forums (was Re: PING TEST)

Justin Wood me@REDACTED
Wed Dec 22 18:52:01 CET 2021


> Kenneth & co have limited time and resources,

This is completely understandable. A given person or team only has a set
amount of time in a day to work on things.

> It would be interesting to see the numbers for how much money and effort
> it takes to run a mailing list -vs- a forum. 

This is something that also interests me. If this is something that is
truly about money and effort to run the mailing list vs the forum, would
it be possible to do with the mailing list what has been done with the
forum? Have someone (or a group) run it and have Kenneth and other
members of the OTP team participate? I'm sure there are people in this
list that would be more than happy to help maintain these mailing lists
in some way, myself included.

> It seems to me that the people making the decision about deprecating
> the mailing list were honestly *convinced* that the change would be
> better for *everyone*, because it *is* better (as an information
> source) for *them*.

Since the Erlang Forum has been likened to the Elixir Forum (because it
is run by the same people), I just want to throw out there that Elixir
maintains a core mailing list where all discussion around new features
is supposed to take place. So maybe it doesn't make sense to completely
remove all of Erlang's mailing lists? Why does it have to be an either 

> There is good will on all sides of this discussion.

I agree with this statement. I believe everyone involved truly cares
about Erlang and the overall health of the community. I don't think
anyone is truly here just for the sake of arguing.


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