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Frank Muller frank.muller.erl@REDACTED
Thu Dec 16 16:06:09 CET 2021

Why are you doing that Kenneth?

I love this mailing-list and hate the forum. It’s ugly and
In the beginning you never mentioned deprecating this list.

> Hi
> On 15/12/2021 16:03, Kenneth Lundin wrote:
> > Thank you for your feedback about everyone. See some
> clarifications below:
> Thanks for the clarifications :)
> > As indicated in the various announcements the mailing list will be
> deprecated soon and we hope you will join us on The
> Erlang/OTP team will be focusing our efforts on the forum
> > moving forward because we believe it is an exciting platform and has the
> potential to offer the most value.
> Just a few questions on this:
> - Was the announcement made on this list? I may have missed it!
> - Will you be deprecating all the lists? e.g.
> erlang-questions@, erlang-announce@, eeps@ etc.
> - Was the timeline announced? How "soon" is this likely to happen?
> Thanks,
> Fred
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