OTP 24.2 is released

Kenneth Lundin kenneth@REDACTED
Wed Dec 15 16:50:54 CET 2021

Erlang/OTP 24.2 is the second maintenance patch release for OTP 24, with
mostly bug fixes as well as a few improvements.

Below are some highlights of the release:


   *crypto*: The crypto app in OTP can now be compiled, linked and
   used with the new OpenSSL 3.0 cryptolib. It has not yet been extensively
   so only recommended for experiments and alpha testing in this release.
   There are not yet any guaranties that it works, not even together with
   OTP applications like for example SSL and SSH, although
   there are no known errors.

   *erts*: An option for enabling dirty scheduler specific
   allocator instances has been introduced. By default
   such allocator instances are disabled. For more
   information see the documentation of the +Mdai argument
   to the erlcommand

   *erl_docgen, erts*: All predefined types have been added to the erlang
   module together with documentation.
   Any reference to a predefined type now links to that
   documentation so that the user can view it.

   *erts*: Responsiveness of processes executing on normal or low
   priority could suffer due to code purging or literal
   area removal on systems with a huge amount of
   processes. This since during these operations all
   processes on the system were scheduled for execution at
   once. The new solution is to limit the number of outstanding
   purge and copy requests to 2 times the number of schedulers as default

For more details about the new features and potential incompatibilities see

Online documentation can be browsed here:

The Erlang/OTP source can also be found at GitHub on the official Erlang
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