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Wed Dec 8 05:42:09 CET 2021

I want to say thanks for mentioning this.  I just bought the PDF and am 
having a good time learning Erlang and Nitrogen.  This book is making it 
fun for me to actually pick up a language very new to me!
Have a great day, I'll try to come back with some good questions in a 
few weeks.

On 12/6/21 6:25 PM, Jesse Gumm wrote:
> Hi Sheldon,
> Nitrogen is actually still active, though I'm admittedly a bit slow 
> with adding new stuff to it.
> November 2020, Lloyd Prentice and I released a book about Nitrogen 
> Dev: <> about 
> it, and my current work has been working on working through the 
> backlog to get Nitrogen 3 released.
> Most development lately has been in the 'rebar3' branches in the 
> various Nitrogen repos (Nitrogen dev is split among 5 or so repos: 
> most prominently nitrogen, nitrogen_core, and simple_bridge).
> If you have any questions, I'm available in the Erlang slack (as 
> chops), on <> in the "Nitrogen 
> category" tag 
> ( 
> <>), or 
> on the Nitrogen mailing list.
> -Jesse
> On Mon, Dec 6, 2021 at 10:19 AM ultrafilter 
> <ultrafilter@REDACTED <mailto:ultrafilter@REDACTED>> wrote:
>     Hello,
>     We currently use cowboy in our rest services and I like it a lot.
>     It's very fast, doesn't get in the way, has nice API and the code
>     is very clean (I'm new to the language and use cowboy source code
>     as a reference of how to do stuff properly in erlang).
>     I'm looking for a library or lightweight framework for
>     implementing web applications on top of cowboy (ideally
>     implemented in the same spirit).
>     So far I came across nitrogen and it looks interesting, but from
>     its github it doesn't seem like it's being actively developed.
>     There's also N2O, but it's not clear how widely it's used and if
>     there's any community around it.
>     Did I miss any options?
>     Thanks,
>     Sheldon
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