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Hi Sheldon,

Nitrogen is actually still active, though I'm admittedly a bit slow with
adding new stuff to it.

November 2020, Lloyd Prentice and I released a book about Nitrogen Dev: about it, and my current work has been working on
working through the backlog to get Nitrogen 3 released.

Most development lately has been in the 'rebar3' branches in the various
Nitrogen repos (Nitrogen dev is split among 5 or so repos: most prominently
nitrogen, nitrogen_core, and simple_bridge).

If you have any questions, I'm available in the Erlang slack (as chops), on in the "Nitrogen category" tag (, or on the
Nitrogen mailing list.


On Mon, Dec 6, 2021 at 10:19 AM ultrafilter <ultrafilter@REDACTED>

> Hello,
> We currently use cowboy in our rest services and I like it a lot.
> It's very fast, doesn't get in the way, has nice API and the code is very
> clean (I'm new to the language and use cowboy source code as a reference of
> how to do stuff properly in erlang).
> I'm looking for a library or lightweight framework for implementing web
> applications on top of cowboy (ideally implemented in the same spirit).
> So far I came across nitrogen and it looks interesting, but from its
> github it doesn't seem like it's being actively developed.
> There's also N2O, but it's not clear how widely it's used and if there's
> any community around it.
> Did I miss any options?
> Thanks,
> Sheldon

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