Should we change from Jira to Github Issues?

Michael Truog mjtruog@REDACTED
Thu Oct 8 19:53:00 CEST 2020

Jira can manage more details than github issues.  However, if the extra 
details are not necessary or are not helpful, then there is no reason to 
use Jira.  It likely is a question of whether the complexity of Jira is 
justifiable due to software project complexity.

Having internal Ericsson issue identifiers and external issue 
identifiers can make it difficult to track bug and fix information.  The 
release notes for major versions (23.1) not including all the changes 
from minor versions (23.0.x) also makes it more difficult to track 
issues.  If github issues are a way of having a single issue identifier, 
that would be beneficial for tracking every issue with more visibility.  
Visibility may seem problematic, but it helps issues get solved in the 
best possible way due to more testing and information.

On 10/8/20 6:24 AM, Kenneth Lundin wrote:
> Hi,
> In the OTP team we are considering to start using Github issues for 
> bug reporting instead of the Jira system we are using today 
> (
> The main driving factor is a better integration with pull requests and 
> repositories which are on Github anyway.
> We also believe that it is positive for the community, since there is 
> already quite a lot of Erlang and Elixir projects using Github issues.
> I know that this discussion was brought up when we decided to choose 
> Jira instead of Github issues but now the situation is different.
> I want your opinions.
> /Kenneth, Erlang/OTP , Ericsson

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