Should we change from Jira to Github Issues?

Dominic Morneau dmorneau@REDACTED
Thu Oct 8 16:01:38 CEST 2020

Yes! I think it would make them easily visible to a much wider audience,
including Google search results.

As a casual observer, I've also been curious about something, Many changes
go through a "public" process where they have a ticket assigned, go through
pull request review, then get merged. But quite a few changes seem to go
through another "private" process where there's no Jira ticket or PR, only
an internal OTP ticket and a direct merge. In some cases there are clearly
security reasons to do so, but not always.

Is this just a matter of convenience? Might it change in a transition to
Github issues?

I appreciate when changes land in pull requests as I get Github
notifications, and it makes it possible to comment before it's merged. Not
that I usually have much to say, but still :)

2020年10月8日(木) 22:36 Roberto Aloi <prof3ta@REDACTED>:

> I would strongly second that.
> On Thu, 8 Oct 2020 at 15:28, Tristan Sloughter <t@REDACTED> wrote:
>> Yes, please :)
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