Logging decrease my app performance

George Hope george@REDACTED
Mon Nov 16 09:03:11 CET 2020

My client-server app test when I run server with notice log level finishes in about 0m0.973s

when I change the server log level to debug it finishes in 0m3.514s,

If I wrap all  logger:debug in spawn(fun()  -> logger:debug("Sending Response to Client Pid~w~n", [Pid]) end)

It finishes in 0m1.150s.

what should I do to avoid this performance loss when loglevel  is debug?

and Is there a better way than spawn new process for every log?

My handler config:


{handler, default, logger_std_h,#{level => error,config => #{file => "log/error.log"}}},

{handler, info, logger_disk_log_h,#{level => debug,config => #{file => "log/debug.log",sync_mode_qlen => 20000,

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