HiPE to be removed in OTP 24?

Grzegorz Junka list1@REDACTED
Thu Jun 25 21:21:38 CEST 2020

On 24/06/2020 09:32, Kenneth Lundin wrote:
> Following up my own post.
> We have got a lot of questions and comments regarding this post and 
> this is an attempt to summarize and answer most of them.
> Mikael Petterssons mail was very good an explain most of the problems 
> with keeping HiPE.
> I think the work effort would be even more that 6 man months just to 
> bring it up on par
> with the interpreted version.

He Kenneth,

Many thanks for the summary. Just to clarify that my question wasn't why 
the team decided to implement JIT instead of fixing HiPE going forward. 
I was interested why did you decide to abandon HiPE 10 years ago and 
instead put effort into JIT. 6 man months sounds a lot but from the 
presentation it looked like a similar amount of effort was being poured 
into JIT since as early as 2012, which coincides with the time when HiPE 
apparently stopped being actively supported.

This is not to judge, or criticize, or to play what-if. I am just 
curious about the reasoning, if there is any, to learn something about 
both technologies.


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