wx:batch/1 on Windows 10

Dan Gudmundsson dangud@REDACTED
Tue Jan 21 11:47:08 CET 2020

wx:batch() was originally intended as optimization, by not letting
wxWidgets get control until the
complete work batch was done. I.e. a faster interface to the executing

I have optimized the code since then and on linux batch is not needed, I
have changed
so that events are checked (temporary allow wxWidgets to check/handle
events) every forth batch otherwise
event handling could be starved when to many large batches where sent to wx

But I have also noticed the problem, starting observer on a slow computer
shows the problem,
and I have tried to revert the changes mentioned above but I have not
managed to figure out what
have changed.

One thing that have changed is wxWidgets version, i.e. upgrade from 2.8 to
3.0.3 (soon to be 3.1 on windows),
but I don't know what is causing this, nor how where is should be fixed in
the application code,
 wx wrapper or wxwidgets library.

On Tue, Jan 21, 2020 at 10:55 AM zxq9 <zxq9@REDACTED> wrote:

> I have been working on a tool kit to make project creation,
> distribution, launching from source, etc. a bit smoother for cross
> platform Erlang apps (particularly client-side) and have hit a
> susprising snag: wx:batch/1 doesn't seem to have any effect on Windows.
> Due to this the GUI app browser and launcher windows populate in a
> glitchy way, Observer graphs flicker, and other marginally annoying
> phenomena occur -- but only on Windows.
> You can observe this by running wx:demo() and selecting any example
> frame that has multiple components.
> I get this effect with R22.2 on Windows 10, but haven't confirmed how
> far back this bug exists (this problem did not occur previously around
> the time of R18 on Windows 7).
> Would this be an issue with Windows, WX lib version, build config (I'm
> using the Windows x64 binary installer), graphics drivers, etc?
> Any ideas would be appreciated. It is still possible to write and run
> meaningful apps, of course (and they work great on other platforms) but
> Windows is a pretty important target for client-side code.
> -Craig
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