wx:batch/1 on Windows 10

zxq9 zxq9@REDACTED
Tue Jan 21 10:55:21 CET 2020

I have been working on a tool kit to make project creation, 
distribution, launching from source, etc. a bit smoother for cross 
platform Erlang apps (particularly client-side) and have hit a 
susprising snag: wx:batch/1 doesn't seem to have any effect on Windows.

Due to this the GUI app browser and launcher windows populate in a 
glitchy way, Observer graphs flicker, and other marginally annoying 
phenomena occur -- but only on Windows.

You can observe this by running wx:demo() and selecting any example 
frame that has multiple components.

I get this effect with R22.2 on Windows 10, but haven't confirmed how 
far back this bug exists (this problem did not occur previously around 
the time of R18 on Windows 7).

Would this be an issue with Windows, WX lib version, build config (I'm 
using the Windows x64 binary installer), graphics drivers, etc?

Any ideas would be appreciated. It is still possible to write and run 
meaningful apps, of course (and they work great on other platforms) but 
Windows is a pretty important target for client-side code.


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