Distributing a buildable executable

Р.С. Алиев r.s.o.aliev@REDACTED
Tue Jan 7 16:04:50 CET 2020

Hello list,

What I have is:
1. Pure Erlang part, a simple gen_server;
2. Several C++ source files + cmake file, intended to be build into a 
standalone executable.

I need to distribute both components in a single package, as my 
gen_server does open_port({spawn, my_executable}). Moreover, it uses an 
environmental variable to find the executable, so I need a way to set it 
too (I use the "QT5_EPORT_DIR=~/Path/to/executable rebar3 shell --apps 
my_app" command now, but it obviously needs to be generalized somehow).

What is the standard way to distribute such a two-component Erlang package?
Thank you.

R.S. Aliev

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