New EEP draft: Pinning operator ^ in patterns

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Fri Dec 25 10:45:49 CET 2020


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>Looking at this from the perspective of having to read other people's 
>code quite a lot, I am pretty unexcited about any changes that would 
>introduce glyphy anotations to variable names or move even slightly in 
>the direction of allowing rebinding.
>Few long-time Erlangers would ever feel a desire to use a feature like 
>this, but people who have no idea how the paradigm works are very likely 
>to overuse it to a fault, making code a nightmare to sort through. This 
>particular change with the ^ isn't so bad (but why not just use a new 
>name? Y becomes Y1 or NewY or NextY instead of ^Y? I usually prefer 
>something that is at least *descriptive* anyway like PopulatedY or 
>FilteredY or whatever. The keystrokes are free...) but again, moving in 
>the direction of rebinding is really pushing things in a crazy direction.
>I find Erlang's approach to strict single assignment one of its greatest 
>benefits because I can sort through convoluted code written by newcomers 
>*much* faster than I can in most other languages specifically because I 
>can know for certain where a value came from at a glance.
>On 2020/12/25 7:36, Tristan Sloughter wrote:
>> I'd much prefer if `^` was used to allow rebinding. But I know that 
>> would be too confusing since Elixir went with ^ to mean regular binding. 
>> So maybe `!`?
>> But this change just lets you add the `^` while not changing how 
>> anything works? That sounds like it'll cause a lot of confusion when 
>> reading since sometimes a bind is using `^` and sometimes they aren't 
>> but it is doing the same thing...
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