[ann] hackney 1.17.0

Benoit Chesneau bchesneau@REDACTED
Sat Dec 19 16:24:02 CET 2020

Happy to announce the new stable release of hackney :) Enjoy!

hackney is an HTTP client library for Erlang.


   - fix SSL compatibility with erlang OTP 23
   - handle empty trailers
   - fix race condition in connection pool
   - fix memory leak in connection pool
   - IDNA update to unicode 13.0.0
   - fix build on macosx with OTP >= 20.1
   - fix network Location on redirect
   - produce uppercase hexadecimal in URLS
   - pool queue count metric is now named queue_count
   - miscellaneous fixes in documentation

Possible breaking changes:

   - The pool queue count metric is now named queue_count. You should
   update your dashboard to reflect it.
   - Possible breaking changes when producing uppercase hexadecimal in
   urls. This changes the behaviour of urlencode and pathencode to produce
   uppercase hexadecimal to comply with the RFC3986 which may affect systems
   using URL as signature or in an hash.

*Source repository:*

*Install from the hex.pm <http://hex.pm> package repository:*
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