The most appropriate way to interop the Erlang VM from another programming language in 2020

L yrosgi absente@REDACTED
Fri Dec 18 11:23:49 CET 2020

For example, if I made a stand-alone programming language named Overlang, then I want:

1.      the ability that can send a message to an Erlang process and get the result back into the Overlang side

2.      realtime monitoring for the Erlang VM node

3.      RPC call <=> erlang function

As an Erlang newbie, I have not a complete idea of how should I implement these features. Currently, I just found something like the Pyrlang and the Erlport. They used someway like the EPMD and the Erlang port protocol (I am not sure whether they using the same erlang technology so that I pointed out both). However, both of them start from older OTP versions (like OTP 19 in 2016) and the Erlport seems stopped years ago. So I am not sure is it appropriate to use the two projects for reference.

// Considered the Overlang as a new project, this time we only use the Erlang VM with the OTP version >= 23.

The problem can be summarized in short:

1.      The way that the Pyrlang or the Erlport used whether the best practice to interop the Erlang VM from the outside

2.      If the [EPMD/Erlang port protocol] is the most appropriate way in the past, are there any important changes since the OTP 19?


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