[erlang-questions] Experience with much memory

Richard Carlsson carlsson.richard@REDACTED
Sat Sep 28 17:07:26 CEST 2019

We have been running Erlang/OTP on machines with up to 3 TB of RAM, for
many years. The Beam VM has no problems with this; we have seen single
Erlang processes within a Beam use a few hundred GB of temporary data and
then deallocate it again, while the VMs can keep running for months on end.
The problems at that scale typically show up in the OS kernel, and you may
need to tune it to avoid long pauses in the OS memory management, and
occasionally flush the page cache to defragment the RAM.


Den lör 28 sep. 2019 kl 16:03 skrev <buday.gergely@REDACTED>:

> Hi there,
> are there experience reports on using Erlang/Elixir on systems with 200 GB
> of memory and more?
> If you have a first-hand account on that, please share it with me.
> My friends are doing that and said that only C++ was capable of handling
> that.
> - Gergely
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