[erlang-questions] line_delimiter option in gen_tcp

Peter Devoy peter.devoy@REDACTED
Sat Oct 19 15:00:48 CEST 2019

Hi list

Figured it out.  For completeness and reference, my mistakes were two-fold:

1) Setting options on Listen socket instead of Accept socket.
2) Did not pattern match for "ok" on inet:setopts/2 so didn't realise
typing was
inet:setopts(AcceptSocket, [{line_delimiter, [0]}]).  %fails
inet:setopts(AcceptSocket, [{line_delimiter, "\0"}]). %fails

Eventually I got it to work with char notation but not before this mistake:
inet:setopts(AcceptSocket, [{line_delimiter, $0}]).   %ascii numeral 0
inet:setopts(AcceptSocket, [{line_delimiter, $\0}]).  %ascii NUL (works!)

Final proof:

Thanks again

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