[erlang-questions] Who uses Erlang for research?

Duncan Paul Attard duncan.attard.01@REDACTED
Wed Oct 16 18:03:20 CEST 2019

Hi Matthias,

At the University of Malta we teach Erlang in concurrent programming as part of a paradigms course.

We also use Erlang to implement runtime monitors: this is a manifestation of a body of theoretical work on runtime verification that can be found at the project website TheoFoMon <http://icetcs.ru.is/theofomon/>, a project hosted by Reykjavík University in conjunction with the University of Malta. In particular, you might want to check out this book chapter <http://icetcs.ru.is/theofomon/BETTTYBook.pdf>, which explains in detail said tool.

Best regards,


> On 09 Oct 2019, at 15:26, Adam Lindberg <hello@REDACTED> wrote:
> Hi Matthias,
> Erlang has been extensively used in the LightKone EU project, and I know also several of the project partners  use it in other projects as well. More information here: https://www.lightkone.eu
> I can tell for a fact that we at Stritzinger GmbH (https://stritzinger.com) use it for both development and research.
> Cheers,
> Adam
>> On 2. Sep 2019, at 12:10, Matthias Lang <matthias@REDACTED> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I wanted to update FAQ 1.6: "Who uses Erlang for research (and
>> teaching)?".
>> A decade or two ago, my uninvolved view of _research_ was "Uppsala,
>> Chalmers, Kent and Spain, and they all know each other, and then there
>> are some smaller efforts elsewhere."
>> Looking at the ICFP 2019, the actual conference has nothing involving
>> Erlang, but the Erlang workshop has both familiar names and new
>> faces. Being a workshop, it's about applications, so maybe that's what
>> a settled-down Erlang is about now.
>> Thoughts?
>> Is there something major I've missed?
>> (The 'teaching' part of the FAQ is unfortunate; it turned into an
>> ad-hoc list of universities where someone mailed me. I intend to chop
>> the list because it's such a small, arbitrary selection. I expect
>> Erlang to pop up quite frequently in courses about distributed/concurrent
>> systems, so just mentioning a few seems misleading.)
>> Matthias
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