[erlang-questions] Are the wxWidgets bindings actively developed

Fri Jun 28 09:04:46 CEST 2019

On 2019年6月27日木曜日 11時33分28秒 JST Dan Gudmundsson wrote:
> Mostly bug-fixes nowadays, some new features are sneaked in here and there.
> We are still basing it on wxWidgets-2.8 API, but you should be able to use
> anything from
> wxWidgets 2.8.4 - 3.1.X (*) as a backend.
> (*) If you enable 2.8 compatibility when compiling wxWidgets 3.1.X
> But pull-requests are appreciated :-)

Is 3.1 not as universally available as 2.8, or are we in "ain't
broke, don't fix" mode in terms of forward migration?

Just curious.
I use wx all the time and am grateful to have a reliable GUI
binding at all -- not all languages have something comparable
built in to the distribution that actually works cross-platform.


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