[erlang-questions] How to reset epmd properly???

Đức Đỗ minhduc031@REDACTED
Tue Jun 25 09:55:55 CEST 2019


I am having a issue relates to epmd reset. I made a cluster with some
nodes. One day, there is a node got damage that a new node comming can't
communicate with this node. But other nodes in the cluster still work well
with it. I killed epmd on the damage node and registered node again with a
same listen port as before. But as I captured, there is no SEND_CHALLENGE
and SEND_CHALLENGE_REPLY messages while the damage node and a new node
(same cookie) pinging together. So could you help figure out what is
problem? Firewall maybe not because the cluster is working well. Just a new
node can't join.

Thanks so much!!!
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