[erlang-questions] Running old code and TCL in particular

Fred Youhanaie fly@REDACTED
Thu Apr 4 16:52:14 CEST 2019

Hi Joe,

I have a couple of Erlang/Tcl projects, both need some time and attention from me!

- Tcl code as c-node: https://github.com/fredyouhanaie/etclface
- Tcl code as a port: https://github.com/fredyouhanaie/portcl

Although Tcl treats "everything as string", If you have a number, and use it in a numeric expression, then the numeric version will be stored internally.

I haven't tried the round trip test, but I'll add it to my todo list.


On 04/04/2019 15:30, Joe Armstrong wrote:
> I've been having fun digging up some old programs to see if they still
> work.
> It's a good test of stability - can I run 20 year old code - or does
> it need a lot of fixing.
> Most (not all) of my pre 2000 Erlang still works - one advantage of
> using no NIFS
> and trying to write clean code.
> Most of my old TCL works (with the latest TCL)
> Most of my old makefiles and bash scripts still work.
> Most of my old C does not work (but then I always wrote crap C)
> Back to TCL -
> It's still great - when did we chuck gs? - I think this was a big mistake.
> The only thing wrong with TCL is the smallish user base and the somewhat cryptic
> documentation.
> Are there any other TCL fans out there?
> Specifically is anybody using TCL (latest) through sockets and "sans
> NIFS" as it were.
> Has anybody done the round trip Erlang -> TCL -> Erlang with binaries
> without loss of
> data - TCL's "everything is a string" philosophy does not mesh well
> with Erlang binaries :-)
> Cheers
> /Joe
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