[erlang-questions] Running old code and TCL in particular

Joe Armstrong erlang@REDACTED
Thu Apr 4 16:30:07 CEST 2019

I've been having fun digging up some old programs to see if they still

It's a good test of stability - can I run 20 year old code - or does
it need a lot of fixing.

Most (not all) of my pre 2000 Erlang still works - one advantage of
using no NIFS
and trying to write clean code.

Most of my old TCL works (with the latest TCL)

Most of my old makefiles and bash scripts still work.

Most of my old C does not work (but then I always wrote crap C)

Back to TCL -

It's still great - when did we chuck gs? - I think this was a big mistake.

The only thing wrong with TCL is the smallish user base and the somewhat cryptic

Are there any other TCL fans out there?

Specifically is anybody using TCL (latest) through sockets and "sans
NIFS" as it were.

Has anybody done the round trip Erlang -> TCL -> Erlang with binaries
without loss of
data - TCL's "everything is a string" philosophy does not mesh well
with Erlang binaries :-)



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