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Wed Apr 3 14:42:19 CEST 2019

On Mon, Apr 1, 2019 at 1:09 PM Eckard Brauer <eckard.brauer@REDACTED> wrote:

> * Are there better alternatives to N2O for that?
N2O is a loosely coupled specification of protocols where each part work
together. You can mix-and-match between them, though a lot of the power
stems from them working well together. The protocols are available over
many different transports, so it is a really strong toolbox for integration.

Alternative solutions depends on your requirements, and what you want to
achieve. The best advice I can give is "software grows". Any complex system
starts from a simple system. So if you start with something "simple", you
might outgrow that in time. N2O takes the concepts of messaging and
formality to a far greater level than other systems, so if you imagine you
grow in that direction (i.e., *everything* is a websocket, we need to
implement this from scratch in a $industrial-crap-language, etc), then it
might be suitable.

* Is there a (preferrably step by step) guide for beginners available,
>   as most of the tutorials I found seem outdated for years?
Age of a tutorial might not be a problem. If things are stable, there will
be less updates needed. In fact, I have a graphql-tutorial which needs
treatment now, because things changed too much! And I don't have that much
time allotted for it right now.

https://ws.n2o.space/ would be the entry-point. There are some examples
along the way where the 'mad' tool generates examples for you to work on.
And it seems it was updated Nov 2018, which isn't that far in the past to
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