[erlang-questions] Framework / library for at-least-once execution?

Petri Pellinen ppe+erlang@REDACTED
Sun Apr 8 16:38:03 CEST 2018

 Hello everybody,

I'm a new subscriber to the list and new to the Erlang world. I have read a
couple of books on Erlang and OTP and, as a long-time Java programmer, am
very excited by all the concurrency and high availability features that
come out of the box.

Tried searching the archives for answers but am not sure if I came up with
the correct search terms and ended up empty-handed.

I'm curious if there is an existing library or framework that would let me
submit a "job" and the framework makes sure that the job is run *at least
once* to completion in an OTP cluster even if the machine running the
submitted job dies during execution. If a machine/node dies during
execution of the job then another node should restart the job as soon as

So, from a client perspective, if I get an acknowledgment that a job was
successfully received then I can rest assured that the job runs to

If any of you are familiar with Spring Batch in the Java world then this is
something similar but not really ETL orientated or for heavy batches - when
I say "job" here I really mean any piece of code, even a very lightweight
function. I'm trying to come up with an extremely reliable backend solution
for delivering and processing messages between parties.

Any information or pointers to relevant existing solutions would be greatly

Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide!

Kind regards,
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