[erlang-questions] Opentracing for Erlang Processes

Tristan Sloughter <>
Fri Sep 29 18:56:29 CEST 2017

> Also , would you see a better (simpler) way of doing this in Erlang,
> by taking advantage of the ERTS and OTP, for example, like
> seq_trace[1] is passing `implicitly` the trace_token in the messages
> sent between the processes.
I've been meaning to investigate the seq_trace implementation further.
It would be awesome to allow for the user to set a 128 and 64 bit
integer (trace and parent span id) to use as the id's passed along with
the message instead of them being generated.
Currently you set the label but then serial is a 2-tuple that gets
automatically incremented, so can't be used for the parent span ids,
unless there was a seprate tracking of {Label, Serial} -> SpanId state
kept in some process.
Quickest option is to just wrap the behaviours. For example with a
custom behaviour we use in a project Erleans it will check for trace
context when you make a `call` and pass it along to create a span around
the callback.

  1. http://erlang.org/doc/man/seq_trace.html
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