[erlang-questions] relx relup, appups and dependencies

Tristan Sloughter <>
Tue Sep 26 02:47:49 CEST 2017

Sadly not helpful to David right now, but discussing his issue with him
on irc made me want to finally suggest this patch for OTP:


There is currently, as far as I know, no way to use release_handler to
switch to a new release without upgrades. This adds a new function to
release handler for switching to a new release without rebooting the VM.

I'm putting this here to see if anyone would actually use this -- I
can't argue that well for its inclusion since I'm all in on Kubernetes,
so wouldn't be using this anyway :)

  Tristan Sloughter
  "I am not a crackpot" - Abe Simpson

On Mon, Sep 25, 2017, at 11:02 AM, zxq9 wrote:
> On 2017年09月25日 月曜日 10:43:22 David Welton wrote:
> > This seems kind of hacky, and I feel like maybe I'm doing something
> > wrong, but not sure what.  Maybe no one actually uses relups?
> Tristan and Fred would have to verify this, but from what I've seen no,
> people who use rebar and erlang.mk do not do relups.
> In my experience (having only seen three projects that were serious about
> using relups instead of restarts) projects that do relups use systools
> and relup. And the tooling isn't actually bad, it is just more complex
> because very few conveniences have been built into them (partly because
> "reasonable default" is a lot harder to pin down, and partly because, I
> think, most people who figure out reltool once have solved it for the
> life of their project, and forget that it was a PITA to straighten out
> initially).
> -Craig
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