[erlang-questions] relx relup, appups and dependencies

zxq9 <>
Mon Sep 25 20:02:25 CEST 2017

On 2017年09月25日 月曜日 10:43:22 David Welton wrote:
> This seems kind of hacky, and I feel like maybe I'm doing something
> wrong, but not sure what.  Maybe no one actually uses relups?

Tristan and Fred would have to verify this, but from what I've seen no, people who use rebar and erlang.mk do not do relups.

In my experience (having only seen three projects that were serious about using relups instead of restarts) projects that do relups use systools and relup. And the tooling isn't actually bad, it is just more complex because very few conveniences have been built into them (partly because "reasonable default" is a lot harder to pin down, and partly because, I think, most people who figure out reltool once have solved it for the life of their project, and forget that it was a PITA to straighten out initially).


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