[erlang-questions] relx relup, appups and dependencies

David Welton <>
Fri Sep 22 01:07:42 CEST 2017


I'm working on some inherited code that uses relx to manage releases,
and I've run into something that I'm not quite sure about:

In previous release - let's call it 1.0.0, say, I have

  {cowboy,          "1.0.0",  {git,
"git://github.com/extend/cowboy.git",             {tag,    "1.0.4"}}}

In my rebar.config

In the new one, 2.0.0 for the sake of argument, I have

  {cowboy,          "1.0.4",  {git,
"git://github.com/extend/cowboy.git",             {tag,    "1.0.4"}}},

When I run relx relup, it complains:

Could not open file erlapp/_rel/xxxxxxxxx/lib/cowboy-1.0.4/ebin/cowboy.appup

How are other people handling this?  I'm confident that cowboy is a
well behaving Erlang app, so I'm confident I should be able to do this
in my code without having to add anything to the cowboy code I've
checked out.

David N. Welton



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