[erlang-questions] Building a DAW in Erlang

Max Lapshin <>
Sat Sep 2 07:12:09 CEST 2017

Just short thing:
if you decide to play audio in Mac, you will suffer from "main thread
problem".   Almost all specific mac API calls require you to call them from
"main thread" of application that is inaccessible by erlang code (nif or

It was so several years ago and I don't know if this has changed.

About performance, stability and so else.  We in Flussonic have a serious
challenge with sending UDP.  We need to prepare and send UDP packets
(mpegts) so that they form a very good and stable stream with stable
bitrate and inter-packet time. This is sent to DVB headend that sends video
to cable or even to satellite.

Problem is that this task sometimes require submillisecond timer precision
that is inaccessible in erlang.

Our code works ok with dozens of channels but without submillisecond
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