[erlang-questions] Building a DAW in Erlang

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So, great ignorance speculating here, if we can generate basic wave forms with Erlang terms then, next, we need to be able to edit, mix, amplify, attenuate, play with phase relationships, etc., etc.

My superficial Google search didn't come up with much. This exchange touches on the issues:


But it does feel like a vast field for bottom-up play. Shame that there are so few hours in the day.

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> 1. Is it possible to write an Erlang term that generates an approximation of white noise?
> 2. Is it possible to write an Erlang term that generates short sequences of basic wave forms--- sine, triangle, square?
> 3. Is there a programmatic way to edit the generated binaries to improve aesthetic quality?

Since the external term encoding of a binary includes the bytes of
that binary verbatim, yes, yes, and yes.

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