[erlang-questions] exit status of run_erl

Tom O'Dowd tpodowd@REDACTED
Wed Apr 19 07:51:38 CEST 2017

I’m starting an application using systemd which uses run_erl in daemon mode. When I stop the application though by running init:stop(), run_erl seems to return an exit status of 1 rather than 0 so I always get a failed status for the service rather than an inactive status. I can set systemd SuccessExitStatus=1 to have it treat 1 as a success but then if for example the erlang node did die, it still gets marked as inactive rather than failed.

Note that if I tell systemd that the MainPID is the pid of the beam process rather than run_erl, systemd spits out a warning
       Supervising process 96669 which is not our child. We'll most likely not notice when it exits.
and sure enough, if you kill beam, systemd doesn’t notice.

Main issue sees to be that run_erl doesn’t return the exiting VM status back as its own status. Currently using 19.2 although will move to 19.3 shortly.

Any pointers? Been poking around on Google and this doesn’t seem like a common issue so maybe I am doing something wrong.


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