[erlang-questions] Building a chat application which allows users sitting on different PCs to chat in a chatroom

Abhishek Ranjan abhishek@REDACTED
Tue Apr 18 15:45:56 CEST 2017


I am new to erlang and I wanted to build a chatting application using ejabberd as a server but I have been trying different things and have been able to do few things.

Till now I have been able to learn how to run a custom module in ejabberd by making hooks successfully. I have also created a Multi User Chatroom using Client as Pidgin and server as ejabberd successfully.

But now I have been searching the way to go one step further and make this MUC a chatroom that can be accessed from other Computers also.What I would really like to build is a MUC which can be accessed by people sitting over different PCs and in doing so I would like to use technologies like ejabberd, xmpp, Pidgin,  erlang etc.

But I can't figure out in which direction to head to do this. 

It would be very helpful if anyone can comment over this please.


Abhishek Ranjan 
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