[erlang-questions] Blockchain and Erlang

Martin Hedberg <>
Sun Sep 25 23:38:31 CEST 2016

Well... the idea was that each node would have knowledge of events in the past and adjust itself accordingly. If something fails in another end of a system the node would not have to be contacted to change it's behavior. In case a node crash there could be a verified consensus if it should be restarted. The system could perhaps have other priorities.

This was just some thoughts from me.

Best regards


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Ämne: Re: [erlang-questions] Blockchain and Erlang

Hello Martin,

On 25 Sep 2016, at 21:38, Martin Hedberg wrote:

> Hi everyone
> This is more of a theoretical question then a strictly practical one.
> However there is no more practical then a good theory ...right?
> Anyway  I wonder if the blockchain method of keeping track of every
> node could be applied to a sort of Erlang-blockchain combination? If
> every Erlang node would be a blockchain-like supervisor would that
> make things unnecessary complicated or is there some potential
> stability to gain?
I'm not quite sure what you refer to when you say 'blockchain method of
keeping track of every node'. Normally a blockchain (as in Bitcoin's
architecture) is a Merkle hash tree where the data of a node is hashed
together with the hashes of its children asf. until eventually the root
of the hash tree is reached. This enables cryptographically secure
verification of content and ordering of the data. I do not see how
supervision trees would benefit from such a data structure. However, I
may misunderstand what your idea is about. Please elaborate further!

Kind Regards!


> Just a thought from me
> Best regards
> Martin

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