[erlang-questions] Erlang documentation -- a modest proposal

Joe Armstrong <>
Fri Sep 23 12:45:39 CEST 2016

On Fri, Sep 23, 2016 at 10:23 AM, Vlad Dumitrescu <> wrote:
> Hi!
> On Fri, Sep 23, 2016 at 10:13 AM, Joe Armstrong <> wrote:
>>  If I see a typo (a simple spelling error) in the on-line documentation
>>    the barrier of entry for fixing it is HUGE (sorry for SHOUTING).
>>    Download the entire distribution - unpack (240 MBytes) find the
>>    typo (where the heck is it?) - fix it - make a push request ....
>>    Do I really have to download hundreds of Megabytes to fix a one
>>    character typo?
> Github allows you to make small corrections online, without downloading
> anything. If you don't already have a fork of the repo, it will be created
> and you will get an option to create a PR for the fix (commiters can commit
> directly to a branch).

Can my dearly beloved wife do this?

Helen is *very* good at spelling and has found many typos in my
drafts (bless her) - but she's never heard of github - and thinks that
a fork is something you eat food with ..

> Just go to the file in the source tree and press the "Edit this file" button
> (the pen in the upper right corner).

"Just" - if you can find the file in the source tree that is


> best regards,
> Vlad

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