[erlang-questions] Learning from the Manual

Wilmar Pérez <>
Tue Sep 20 16:24:20 CEST 2016

Hi Peter

I am in the same boat as you: very excited to learn Erlang but somehow
finding clear information very cumbersome to get my hands on. Tutorials and
many books (well, there are not that many), tend to stick to the basics or
go right ahead to the overly complicated almost impossible to understand
code. So far the most useful books I have found are "Programming Erlang" by
Joe Armstrong and "Introducing Erlang" by  Simon St. Laurent.

If you find anything useful please send it my way. In an ideal world I
would like to have something very similar to a university level course book
with labs.

Good luck with your learning



2016-09-20 2:34 GMT-04:00 Peter J Etheridge <>:

> Dear List,
> I assume the Manual is clear to those who understand it.
> For noobies [like me], the Manual can be re-read and still not explain
> 'why' or 'how', or answer a question.
> Clearly, the Manual needs to be read in conjunction with ROK's email
> responses.
> Noobies only learn from Dan & ROK's informative answers when someone as
> game as Lloyd asks questions.
> I try to imagine Joe's idea of URL's or UUID's somehow linking the Manual
> to Roger's stash of ROK's answers.
> Might the Manual be improved by some FAQ in each module?
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