[erlang-questions] Apology

Loïc Hoguin <>
Tue Sep 20 10:38:53 CEST 2016

On 09/20/2016 10:26 AM, José Valim wrote:
> When talking about module and function references, there are other areas
> for improvement. We don't have a search mechanism on the official docs
> and that's problematic because modules are split throughout multiple
> applications. I find myself constantly changing the URL in the address
> bar in order to navigate between modules in different applications
> because it is never clear how to do that from a given module page.

We have a search and it is excellent. I have it bound to 'e' in my 
browser personally. Check on the right there: http://www.erlang.org/docs

It will only show if you start searches first, and like you many people 
seem to fail to notice it. I get a feeling erldocs.com wouldn't exist if 
it was more prominent.

> I am sure it is possible to do it and I have done that before but on
> every day usage I still struggle with navigating the docs even after
> working on Erlang for 5 years.

Not anymore!

It won't get you specific guide pages though, like the typespecs page, 
but you shouldn't have a problem finding functions anymore.

Loïc Hoguin
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