[erlang-questions] every process should have a URL

Joe Armstrong <>
Fri Sep 16 09:16:54 CEST 2016

Alan Kay at 43 min and 21 seconds into his OOPSLA 1997 (the computer
revolution hasn't happened)

Says: "Every Object should have a URL"

The video is here:


The Objects that Alan talks about seem to me to be very like Erlang
processes - understand polymorphic messages - have late binding etc.

So how can we make truly global Pids? - global meaning an address space
consisting of every machine on the planet running BEAM code.

If we did this programs to do chat/email/instant messaging/.... etc
would be trivial to write.

What would a Pid look like - a
{HostIP,PortNumber,NodeName,LocalPidinNode} tuple?



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