[erlang-questions] Including an Elixir Hex Dep in Erlang

Oliver Korpilla Oliver.Korpilla@REDACTED
Thu Nov 24 08:56:05 CET 2016

Hello, Zach.

I hope you will not consider this off-topic, but we've also found that working in elixir's mix integrated perfectly for us. Erlang and elixir code live side by side according to their respective preferred directory names (include/src for Erlang and lib for elixir) and integrate just fine. We usually deploy with "mix build.escript" which generates an escript containing already the byte code of our application including the elixir distribution. In fact we deploy several such "standalone" applications built on the same OTP release installed in our target.

The integration is really seamless. Currently we're also preparing to roll out a port app written in C and this integrates nicely.

If you already have the intention of using some elixir then rolling out with mix can do the job just nicely. Several of our developers have also written mix tasks for facilitate this with good results.

- Oliver

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Betreff: [erlang-questions] Including an Elixir Hex Dep in Erlang

I want to write a project in Erlang, but there are a few elixir packages that would make life simpler, Is there an easy way to have rebar3 compile and build them?

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