[erlang-questions] Problems stop/attach a release

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Tue Mar 22 01:54:12 CET 2016


Are you by chance setting:



I thought this was a good idea for security if the application is running on a single node, but with rebar3, it just generates the exact issue you describe below.

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Subject: [erlang-questions] Problems stop/attach a release


I build my release by erlang.mk and relx.

I can start the release by running:

$ _rel/myapp/bin/myapp start

It starts well and listens properly, I tried to use my client app to
connect to it, all functions well, and I can start other nodes, and
distribution works just fine.

Problem 1:

I can't stop it by running

$ _rel/myapp/bin/myapp stop

after running the command, it's still running (the processes are still

Problem 2:

I can't start an attaching shell, when I run

$ _rel/myapp/bin/myapp attach

I get "Node is not running!"

Any idea?

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